What is a Tincture

Nowadays there are many different ways to consume cannabis, but some are undoubtedly more convenient than others. Take the example of tinctures. Tinctures are a favorite among medical cannabis patients and are a great way for health-conscious cannabis consumers to enjoy everything that cannabis has to offer, with none of the smoke.

Nowadays there are many different ways to consume cannabis, but some are undoubtedly more convenient than others. Like tinctures. Tinctures are a favorite among medical cannabis patients and are a great way for health-conscious cannabis consumers to enjoy everything that cannabis has to offer, with none of the smoke.

What Is a Tincture?

If you’ve ever shopped at a dispensary, then you’ve likely heard the term ‘tincture’ before. But just what is a tincture?

Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts that are most commonly made using either alcohol, or glycerin as a base stabilizing liquid. Tinctures are very similar to CBD and THC oils—and usually come in the same style of small glass bottle, with a dropper included for dosing.

Traditionally, tinctures were made by placing cannabis plant material and alcohol or glycerin together in a glass jar. The jar was then sealed and the mixture left to settle for a number of months, being occasionally shaken or stirred. The liquid solvent effectively strips the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds, leaving spent plant matter to be filtered out. The final product is a liquid that possesses the effects of cannabis, without the cannabis plant matter itself.

Tinctures are one of the oldest ways of consuming many types of concentrated plant compounds for medicinal purposes. Before prohibition, tinctures were the most popular form of medical cannabis in the U.S. 

Now, cannabis producers have more sophisticated methods of creating tinctures. They can more effectively extract the crucial components of the cannabis plant without letting it sit in alcohol for months. As a result, the terms ‘oil’ and ‘tincture’ are often used interchangeably. 

When it comes to truly understanding ‘What is a tincture?’, be aware that nowadays few tinctures meet the definition of a classic alcohol-based tincture. Instead, most of today’s tinctures are made using an oil base but are often still called tinctures instead of oils. Make sure to check the label of your tincture for more information about its contents! 

Why Use a Tincture?

There are many advantages to using tinctures. For starters, cannabis tinctures can be dosed accurately and consumed discreetly. Thanks to quick and easy sublingual application, tinctures are a great option for private and discreet dosing that won’t draw attention. And thanks to the dropper application method, it’s easy to know exactly how much you are consuming.

Additionally, tinctures are a low-calorie alternative to edibles, making them a great option for anyone counting calories. Tinctures can also be safely stored for long periods of time. If stored in a cool, dark place cannabis tinctures can last for years. 

How to Use Tincture: Ways of Using Cannabis Tincture

Tinctures are versatile cannabis products that can be used in several different ways. Most commonly, tinctures are loaded up inside a dropper and applied sublingually (under the tongue). If sublingual application isn’t your thing, tinctures can also be swallowed to produce effects more similar to an edible. Additionally, tinctures can be mixed into other liquids or foods for easy, convenient, and delicious dosing. 

How to Use Tincture: How to Take Tincture Sublingually

When it comes to how to use tincture, sublingual application is preferred by most people due to how quick, easy, and convenient it is. To take a tincture sublingually, just place the oil under your tongue using a dropper. Allow it to sit there for at least 5 minutes so that it can be absorbed into your blood through the tissue. Then, swish the remaining oil around your mouth, making sure to coat the inside of your cheeks with it before swallowing. Wait another 5 to 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything so as to ensure that the contents of the tincture have been absorbed in the mouth before washing them down. 

How Do Tinctures Work?

Tinctures work differently depending on how they are used. When applied sublingually, the contents of a tincture are absorbed by membranes under the tongue and on the insides of the cheeks. From there they are carried into the bloodstream and are well on their way to producing effects.

When tinctures are swallowed, they go through the digestive system like any other food or liquid. Because this process takes longer to happen, the effects of swallowing a tincture take longer to kick in, but will likely also be felt for a longer time. Additionally, swallowing tincture is believed to have lower bioavailability due to the first-pass effect, so it may be a bit less effective than sublingual application. 

When a tincture is applied sublingually before its remains are swallowed, it works through both of these processes, giving you a little bit of both worlds. 

How Long do the Effects of a Tincture Last?

The effects of a tincture can last for different amounts of time depending on how you take the tincture. When applied sublingually, the effects of a tincture usually last for about two to four hours. When ingested orally, they can usually last for four to six hours. 

Are CBD Tinctures Effective?

Of Course! CBD tinctures and oils have become some of the most popular cannabis products around, and for good reason. They work well, they work quickly, and they work efficiently. If you’re looking for a smoke-free CBD dosing option, give tinctures a try! 

Can You Smoke Tincture?

‘Can you smoke tincture?’ is not an uncommon question among newcomers to cannabis. Although many different kinds of cannabis extracts can be smoked or vaped, tinctures are not one of them. In fact, trying to smoke a tincture may even make you feel sick or unwell. Tinctures are only intended to be applied sublingually or ingested orally. Can you smoke tincture? No, for your own safety, you should never try to smoke or vape a tincture.

How To Make A Tincture

Interested in how to make cannabis tincture at home? If you have the materials and the patience, making your own tincture is possible! Here’s a handy guide where you can learn more about how to make a tincture.

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