One of the most exciting things about being a part of Exclusive Brands is seeing all the cool products and their development first hand. One of my favorite products we produce in our processing center is our Kushy Punch gummies. Kushy Punch started out as a California brand, ranking #1 in their statewide gummy brands and winning over 20 different industry awards including High Times, Dope, Hall of Flowers. Kushy Punch is a hard hitting full spectrum cannabinoid gummy is definitely jumping the charts for edibles in Michigan. This brand was established in 2014 to serve patients seeking a low-calorie medication with micro dosing as an option. It also comes in a sugar-free version for diabetics, or anyone else conscious of their sugar intake!

These delightful little gummies are made with NO artificial flavors or sweeteners and do taste just like the flavors on the box.  Being that we use a full spectrum (all cannabinoid) oil for our gummies, they do have a slight weed taste (VERY SLIGHT) but it’s worth it for all of the benefits inside. When gummies are made with full spectrum oil, they include CBD, CBG, and CBN in addition to the THC you find in other brands. This full spectrum cannabinoid oil can help to remedy a magnitude of ailments, pains, anxieties, and stresses. These gummies are also great for daily activities, movies, yoga, hiking, and pretty much anything else you can think of! Some who are more prone to anxiety attacks when ingesting THC prefer full spectrum products because CBD and CBG can help lessen anxiety.

Almost every person that uses edibles has their own edible horror story. It always starts out the same – they take a little bit, feel like nothing happens, and then they take a lot more and are glued to their couch for days. We’ve all been there. Kushy Punch is unique in its microdosing capabilities, and helps prevent that from happening. You know each time that exactly how much is in a square. Each flavor corresponds with either the Hybrid, Indica or Sativa gummy. Hybrid Kushy Punch comes in Blue Raspberry, Indica is Watermelon, and Sativa is Strawberry or Sugar Free Lychee flavor. Every box of gummies comes in a pack of 10 microdosed squares. Using that high potency full spectrum cannabis oil, the entire gummy will consist of 100mg of THC and 1mg CBD, with the micro-dose option being available because it is cut into 10 squares of 10mg THC and .1mg CBD.  Each box also contains a fresh pouch, to help contain the freshness of your gummy if you decide not to eat the whole thing at once!

There are some specialty Kushy Punch edibles that are worth a try too! The Recover Kushy Punch is a 2:1 ratio, meaning each square contains 6mg THC and 3mg CBD, whole gummy being 60mg THC, and 30mg CBD.  It’s an incredible effect!  This gummy is especially  for first time edible users or people who need pain relief but don’t want to have a lot of psychoactive effects.

The Private Reserve Kushy Punch is made with THC distillate instead of the full spectrum oil found in other flavors. It is a very pure form of the cannabinoid THC, and is very psychoactive once taken. Distillate is so pure you can use it anyway you’d like. It can be eaten, smoked, vaporized, applied as a topical or even used as a concentrate.

The Kushy Punch CBD is purely just CBD. No THC is in this gummy, so it’s awesome for people who need help with pain relief, anxiety, stress, nausea and more without getting the psychoactive effect.

Then there’s the Kushy of all Kushies. The knockout of Kushies! This Kushy Punch is called the T.K.O. The T.K.O is full spectrum cannabinoid but it is 200mg THC , 2mg CBD for the full gummy instead of the regular 100mg. This gummy is also micro-dosed but into 10 squares of 20mg THC, and .2mg of CBD. This gummy really does pack a punch!

There’s so many different Kushies out there, which one is right for you!? We hope this helps you get a better grasp on what Kushy Punch pack would be the best for you and your friends!  If you need help on dosing your Kushy Punch, head over to the blog “How To Dose Your Edible Accurately”.

We love to hear feedback, so please leave us some comments on your personal experience with Kushy Punch at https://weedmaps.com/brands/kushy-punch-mi. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

We’ll see you in Kushy Land!!

Author: Jessica for Exclusive™️


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