Marijuana for Depression

Feeling down lately? You’re not alone! Depression is believed to affect over 350 million people worldwide, with many of them failing to successfully treat it.

For some time now, the euphoric and therapeutic effects of cannabis have been thought to be helpful for those suffering from depression. Could cannabis be a potential treatment for depression?

Marijuana For Depression

Marijuana’s uplifting and relaxing effects may make it effective in alleviating some of the symptoms of depression. It’s hard to deny that the mental and physical euphoria produced by cannabis can turn a frown upside down. But just how effective cannabis is at treating depression is highly debatable. 

One of the ways that cannabis may be able to alleviate depression is by stimulating the body’s inner endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is believed to work to keep the body and brain in balance by modulating a number of functions including sleep, pain, appetite, and even stress and mood. It’s possible that the interactions between cannabinoids like THC/CBD and cell receptors in the ECS are the basis for marijuana’s antidepressant potential. 

Research into marijuana for depression is still in its infancy, but results are promising. 

A recent 2020 study confirmed that marijuana’s uplifting effects may provide some relief from the symptoms of depression. The study found that “at least in the short term, the vast majority of patients that use cannabis experience antidepressant effects”. 

Additionally, cannabis may be able to alleviate depression by improving other symptoms or conditions that may be causing or worsening it. For example, cannabis can provide relief from chronic stress and chronic pain, two things that have been known to contribute to depression. 

A Two-Way Road

While cannabis may be able to improve some of the symptoms of depression, it’s important to not rely on it too much. Heavy cannabis use can actually worsen depression, making it harder to break free from negative thoughts. Additionally, some research indicates that heavy or regular users of cannabis may be more likely to suffer from depression than others

This doesn’t necessarily mean that cannabis will necessarily make your depression worse if you are a chronic user of the chronic. In fact, a 2006 study found that occasional or daily cannabis users reported fewer depressive symptoms than those who have never tried marijuana. 

It’s important to acknowledge that the relationship between cannabis and mental health disorders like depression or anxiety can be complex and varied. Remember to use cannabis responsibly, especially in the presence of mental health problems.  

Marijuana For Depression – The Best Strains

Anecdotally, certain strains are better than others for chasing away the blues. Here are the 5 most recommended strains for alleviating the symptoms of depression:

  • Jack Herer – Strong sativa that inspires happiness and boosts creativity.
  • Harlequin – Balanced THC/CBD ratio for calmer effects.
  • Afghan Kush – Strong indica with intense physical euphoria and cerebral relaxation.
  • Sour Diesel – Potent sativa with an uplifting and euphoric head high.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Hybrid that provides a balance of physical and cerebral effects. 

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