When it comes to making your cannabis dispensary purchase, it’s hard to go wrong with the classics. To that end, OG Kush is one of the seminal strains of marijuana history, standing as a common ancestor to a host of famous hybrids that are popular at dispensaries today. Here’s everything you need to know about this always hard-hitting staple of cannabis culture.

OG Kush: Flavor Profile

A noticeable quality of OG Kush from the outset is its rich, herbal scent that is matched by the soothing, earthy smoke that results from its buds being burned. Many cannabis consumers prefer OG Kush because of its ability to reliably satisfy anyone in any situation, possessing one of the most recognizable flavors of any strain.

Those who dig deeper into the taste profile of OG Kush will discover that its qualities can be noticed across a vast variety of cannabis strains. A significant number of strains available for purchase on the cannabis market owe their distinct, powerful aromas and flavors to the genetics of OG Kush that have influenced them. 

OG Kush: Effects

While OG Kush is certainly known as one of the better-tasting and more flavorful cannabis strains, its effects are what keep people coming back. As a hybrid, OG Kush blends together various aspects that define the sativa and indica strains of its lineage to produce entirely unique sensations.

OG Kush is a great mood-boosting agent. Many users report an all-encompassing, bubbly body high that creates the conditions for a fun, relaxed day. This also means it’s an ideal strain for sharing with other cannabis enthusiasts. 

With an average THC quantity of around 18%, OG Kush can be quite potent depending on your tolerance. To avoid an unpleasant high that lasts too long, start out slow and then wait a little bit before taking another hit. 

OG Kush: Medicinal Qualities

OG Kush is not only renowned for its fun, however. The strain also features signature medicinal effects that help with the management of numerous conditions, such as anxiety, lack of sleep, and physical discomfort. Once smoked, OG Kush works quickly to settle the body into a state of being that is free of pain, aches, or nerves. 

Likewise, for those who suffer from a lack of appetite, OG Kush has a reputation for inducing a heavy state of hunger along with its happy high. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself raiding the fridge at any time during your encounter with OG Kush, and be sure to have plenty of snacks and water on hand if experiencing OG Kush with friends.

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